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My focus for economics clients is on creating high-quality documents ready for submission or publication. Trust that your project is being worked on by a trained and experienced professional.

With a bachelor’s degree in economics, I’m highly familiar with the field’s concepts and vocabulary. I’ve worked with individuals (CEOs, directors, PhD candidates, postdocs, professors) as well as public and private organizations (Journal of Financial Economics, Economic Policy Institute, FRST, World Bank).

Why should you hire an editor?

Documents that are wordy, unconvincing, unclearly structured, or incohesive look unprofessional and can damage your credibility. Errors can distract and turn off the reader. You can also save time and money by outsourcing to an editor.

If you’re submitting a paper or manuscript for publication, careful editing can help prevent rejection. A large majority of papers submitted to journals are rejected before they even reach the peer-review stage, one of the top reasons being poor writing (e.g., jargon, issues with syntax and grammar, not clear and concise).

Sure, you can try to self-edit, but most likely you’re too familiar with the project to notice mistakes. Spell checkers don’t catch missing words, misused words, punctuation and grammar errors, or some misspellings. For example, they cannot distinguish between "uniformed investors" and "uninformed investors" and will permit errors such as "homogenous" for "homogeneous.” These programs also don’t check that your writing is clear and coherent.

Editing services

I offer a fresh pair of eyes to review your project and suggestions for improvement.

I first determine the level of editing needed. I then edit the document thoroughly, corresponding with you throughout the process, and fix any errors so that the writing informs, engages, and inspires the target audience.

Standalone services (Customizable packages available)

Copyediting/Mechanical editingStarting at $0.03 (3 cents) per word (includes two rounds of editing)
Sentence-level edit that checks for grammar and punctuation, spelling, clarity, syntax, language usage, awkward sentence construction, paragraphing, and wordiness.

Line editing/Substantive editing—Starting at $0.05 (5 cents) per word (includes two rounds of editing)
Sentence-level edit that goes a bit deeper than copyediting/mechanical editing, clarifying meaning, ensuring coherence and flow, and refining the language. This edit does the following: 

    • points out and suggests solutions for factual inconsistencies, faulty logic, and awkward or unclear passages; simplifies long, complicated sentences; and edits redundant passages

    • ensures smooth transitions between paragraphs and sections

    • simplifies technical language, eliminates jargon, and proposes or introduces definitions (if applicable)

    • ensures consistency in multi-author works

    • replaces passive constructions with active verbs (when appropriate)

    • removes excess words that don’t advance arguments

    • ensures overall consistency

    • suggests alterations to chapter or paragraph structure

    • offers improvements to readability and tone

    • edits tables and figures so they illustrate their point and present similar data consistently (includes eliminating text that does nothing more than repeat the data in tables or figures and examining complicated tables to see if they can be simplified)

Structural editingStarting at $0.06 (6 cents) per word (includes two rounds of editing)
Big picture edit that

  • looks at your piece as a whole and assess what works, what doesn’t, and why;

  • looks at structure, organization of information, logic and flow of arguments, and ideas;

  • assesses the organization, content, style and tone, language, meaning, coherence, and flow of the piece;

  • reorganizes, adds, or deletes content as needed; and

  • ensures the material is suitable for the intended audience.


Antonn edited a study that I co-authored on the politics of education reform. I was really impressed by the depth of feedback and editing she offered, both the line edits as well as some more substantive feedback. I learned a lot from simply reviewing her work.
— Timothy P. Williams, PhD, Consultant

I had the pleasure to work with Antonn in my role as a chief editor for the fall 2016 issue of Intelligent Risk magazine.

The task of putting together the issue was quite challenging, as we had to collaborate intensely with multiple authors while meeting a very tight deadline. While I was managing the overall workflow and the professional standards of the publication, Antonn was the editor for the issue. During a short period of time, we had to go through multiple cycles with the different authors to bring the articles to the professional and technical standards of the publication.

Antonn was a highly professional and trustworthy partner in this challenging endeavor. She made commitments and she kept them by doing a lot of work, doing it thoroughly, and doing it quickly. I would highly recommend Antonn as an editor to any professional publication.
— Vladimir Antikarov, CFO, Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA) for Washington, DC