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Frequently asked questions

How much will it cost?

Each project is unique. The time required to edit a document can vary depending on the type and level of edit needed. Before giving a quote, we’ll discuss your project and needs. I’ll consider the level of editing, word count, subject matter, and your deadline.

I offer standalone pricing, but please keep in mind that customizable packages are available:

Copyediting/Mechanical editingStarting at $0.03 (3 cents) per word (includes two rounds of editing)
Sentence-level edit that checks for grammar and punctuation, spelling, clarity, syntax, language usage, awkward sentence construction, paragraphing, and wordiness. 

Line editing/Substantive editing—Starting at $0.05 (5 cents) per word (includes two rounds of editing)
Sentence-level edit that goes a bit deeper than copyediting/mechanical editing, clarifying meaning, ensuring coherence and flow, and refining the language. This edit does the following: 

    • points out and suggests solutions for factual inconsistencies, faulty logic, and awkward or unclear passages; simplifies long, complicated sentences; and edits redundant passages

    • ensures smooth transitions between paragraphs and sections

    • simplifies technical language, eliminates jargon, and proposes or introduces definitions (if applicable)

    • ensures consistency in multi-author works

    • replaces passive constructions with active verbs (when appropriate)

    • removes excess words that don’t advance arguments

    • ensures overall consistency

    • suggests alterations to chapter or paragraph structure

    • offers improvements to readability and tone

    • edits tables and figures so they illustrate their point and present similar data consistently (includes eliminating text that does nothing more than repeat the data in tables or figures and examining complicated tables to see if they can be simplified)

Structural editingStarting at $0.06 (6 cents) per word (includes two rounds of editing)
Big picture edit that

  • looks at your piece as a whole and assess what works, what doesn’t, and why;

  • looks at structure, organization of information, logic and flow of arguments, and ideas;

  • assesses the organization, content, style and tone, language, meaning, coherence, and flow of the piece;

  • reorganizes, adds, or deletes content as needed; and

  • ensures the material is suitable for the intended audience.

What is a sample edit?

No two editors will edit a document the same way. They work at different speeds, depending on the level of editing and the project specifications involved. This is why a sample edit helps to ensure the quote adequately reflects your project and needs. Through it, you can judge the quality of my work and determine if I’m the right fit for you, and I can determine the level of edit and speed needed.

After completing the sample edit, I then base my estimate on the editing speed divided into the document's total page count to arrive at the total number of editing hours. To receive a free sample edit, please fill out the form above or send an email.