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True crime


I help true crime writers to ensure their writing is clear, factual, and polished. I’m experienced in editing a wide range of material for true crime, including websites, books, podcast transcripts, and articles.

With a master’s degree in crime and justice studies, I’m highly familiar with aspects of true crime, from corruption to murder, so trust your document is being worked on by a trained and experienced professional.

Why should you hire an editor or researcher?

With more and more readers consuming true crime, it’s important that you meet, or even exceed, their high expectations.

Hiring a researcher ensures that your content is accurate. Readers can easily look up information online, making you more at risk of being exposed if there’s incorrect facts in your book or article. They’re also more likely to share any discrepancies on social media and review websites. Teaming up with a researcher also helps you feel less overwhelmed and more organized.

Professional editing ensures that your book, article, or transcript isn’t poorly written or littered with mistakes, as this can turn off readers or damage your credibility. With the rise of language-processing software, it can be tempting to self-edit, especially if you’re a self-publishing author. Keep in mind that spell checkers do not catch missing words, misused words, incorrect punctuation, and some misspellings, nor do they check that your writing is clear and coherent.

Scary, isn’t it? If you are interested in working with me, read on.

Services available

I offer a fresh pair of eyes to review projects and provide suggestions for improvement. I edit the document thoroughly, corresponding with you throughout the process, and fix any errors so that the writing informs, engages, and inspires the target audience.

Standalone services

ProofreadingStarting at $0.023 (2.3 cents) per word
Word-level edit that checks for typos as well as spelling, grammar, typos, and usage errors (done as a final step to catch any lingering typos or format glitches)

CopyeditingStarting at $0.026 (2.6 cents) per word
Sentence-level edit that checks for grammar and punctuation, spelling, clarity, syntax, language usage, awkward sentence construction, paragraphing, and wordiness 

ResearchStarting at $40 an hour
Research entails working with the author to determine what they need more help with, locating the information, and summarizing that information.

Packages (Customizable packages available)


Antonn proofread true crime articles for my private investigations blog for over a year. The quality of her work was always excellent, and she consistently delivered on time. Antonn is also an excellent communicator and was more than willing to go above and beyond with everything. Antonn is creative, thoughtful, and professional. I would easily recommend Antonn for proofreading without hesitation. You will not be disappointed.
— Adam Quirk, Private Investigator at Stealth Advise